Photo  Sebastian Blutau

Photo Sebastian Blutau

York Hovest

York Hovest (1978), born in Wesel, worked as an international fashion photographer before a meeting with the Dalai Lama changed his life. In 2011 he promised the spiritual leader of the Tibetans to document the life of his people and his country. The illustrated book 100 Tage Tibet – Das Versprechen (100 Days of Tibet – The Promise) became a bestseller. His second expedition took him to the Amazon for National Geographic, where he captured the lives of the indigenous people threatened by deforestation and expulsion in impressive images.
His third and largest project is about the oceans, their beauty and their endangerment by humans, but also about those daring scientists and activists who are committed to saving them.

100 Tage Amazonien – Meine Reise zu den Hütern des Waldes
Geranova Bruckmann/National Geographic, 2016

100 Tage Tibet – Das Versprechen
Malik/National Geographic, 2014