Photo  Frank Buchholz

Photo Frank Buchholz

Karsten Dusse

Karsten Dusse is a lawyer and has been writing for television formats for a number of years. He has won the German Television Award and the German Comedy Prize several times, with his work also earning him a nomination for the Grimme Award. 
He spent years working as a radio host in public service broadcasting and has also enjoyed success in front of the camera, appearing on comedy programmes such as Freitag Nacht News and Anke Late Night, and as a legal expert on German television channel VOX.
He has previously published three nonfiction books and has since written his first crime novel.

Achtsam morden
Roman. Heyne, 2019

Recht bekommen:
15 Rechtsgeschichten, die Sie für sich nutzen können.

Piper, 2018

Wir haben keine Wahl.
Warum wir gerade jetzt für unsere Freiheit einstehen sollten.

Piper, 2017

Halbwissen eines Volljuristen.
Handbuch für den Rechtsstaat.

Piper, 2015