Photo  Michael Mann

Photo Michael Mann

Ferdinand von Schirach

Ferdinand von Schirach (1964) was born in Munich and worked as a defence lawyer for twenty years. He published his first book at the age of 45 and has since published various short stories, novels, essays and a play. Ferdinand von Schirach’s books have been translated into more than 40 languages. He lives in Berlin.

Stories. Luchterhand, 2018

Die Herzlichkeit der Vernunft
Luchterhand, 2017 (mit Alexander Kluge) 

Ein Theaterstück und eine Rede. Piper, 2015

Die Würde ist antastbar.
Essays. Piper, 2014

Roman. Piper, 2013

Carl Tohrbergs Weihnachten.
Stories. Piper, 2012

Der Fall Collini.
Roman. Piper, 2011

Stories. Piper, 2010

Stories. Piper, 2009